AS we all know our friendly neighbourhood iron man he is awesome. I think many of you are unknown to him let me introduce him to you

His real name is Robert Downey.jr

  1. His name in the film industry is or in the movie is Anthony Edward stark but he is also called tony stark.
  2. He builds a powered exoskeleton after a life-threatening incident he becomes the iron man.
  3. Ironman can fly and shoot beams from his hand using special technology called repulsors in his boots and gloves.
  4. Ironman symbolizes meritocracy and capitalism.
  5. The main use of repulsors is for defence, it can vaporize enemies
  • Ironman suits are mostly to be made of nickel-titanium called nitinol here are some best suits-1. IRON MAN BLEEDING EDGE ARMOUR 2. IRON MAN EXTREMIS ARMOUR 3. the hulk buster4. star boost


My New School

My new school name is St Joseph Public School.

I used to like my old school its name is Gowtham model school  I my self-think many times what would have happened if I had been in my old school and enjoy it but because of this, I have many friends in the school that’s why I feel very good.

In my new school, I even have a Bible class which I did not have it in my school which makes me feel very happy. My best friends in my school are- Krishna Vamsi, Quresh, Aabhijay, Shahed, Krish Panwar, Danish, Rayyan, Riyan Bin, Zaid, Pramod Reddy but I call him Arjun redddy, Jatin, Wajih, Abdul Rahman, Aryan,  Yashwant, Yaser, Samek, Mrunal, Rohan.

We also have a specific uniform for our drill. We play basketball and I am going to even have chess, badminton and carroms.  We also have friendly neighbours. Their names are Fardin and Arshaan. We go to ground on every public holiday at 6.30 in the morning and play cricket and football.

Thank you for reading my blog.

Your’s Lovingly,

Enosh Anshul Benjamin


The Effects of Deforestation


The dictionary defines deforestation as – cutting down of trees in a large area or destruction of forests by people.

In other words, it is clearing Earth’s forests on a massive scale to make it suitable enough for homes, businesses or farming.

Effects of Deforestation

1) Environment

Deforestation contributes to global warming. When trees are cut down, the carbon dioxide lingers in the atmosphere and over the time produces a layer in the atmosphere that traps radiation from the sun. The radiation converts to heat which causes global warming popularly known as the greenhouse effect.

2) Water

The water cycle is affected by deforestation. Trees take groundwater through their roots and release it into the atmosphere there by the bringing down the heat and maintaining a pleasant weather. However, when a portion of the forest is cut off since there are no more trees to take the water and maintain the coolness in the atmosphere, a much drier and hot climate is experienced.

3) Soil

The top layer of soil is the most fertile. Loss of this top soil is called soil erosion. Forests have a very low rate of soil erosion but deforestation increases soil erosion. Cutting off trees on slopes increases the risk of landslides as well.

4) Biodiversity

Forests are the home for the wildlife. When deforestation takes place, many animals, big, small, herbivorous or carnivorous lose their home and are also denied of their food source. The food supply chain is affected resulting in the extinct of few animal species.


Now that we know the effects of deforestation, it is our noble duty to save our Earth. A deforestation-free – future for us and also of the millions of plants and animals lies in our hands. To keep it safe, we must have good environmental policies, awareness on recycling and most importantly, plant trees.

I close with a quotation by Prince Charles who says that forests are the worlds’ air- conditioning system and the lungs of the planet. Let us be cautious not to switch it off.

Thank you.


This is for the competition at school

My Brother Aarush

Bunnu is my brother. His real name is Aarush.

I call him by many names like:

  1. Bunny
  2. Bunnia
  3. Bunsi
  4. Bunnayya
  5. Bunz
  6. Bannu
  7. Bun lakalaka
  8. Bunnulu
  9. Bunni
  10. Bunzu
  11. Bunnu Benjamin

He cries for everything. He has only one ambition while sleeping and that is to kick everyone and keep his legs on our neck. When we are sleeping, if does not have his bedsheet, he snatches my rug.

He does not like to eat new varieties. He is a fussy boy. Likes to eat beetroot, carrot, rasam, sambar, dal, curd and boiled egg. He thinks he is a non-vegetarian. He behaves like a superhero wearing costumes with pillows, hats, towels, scarf, belts, caps, bracelets and thinks he is a smart boy.

Sometimes he tells that I want to become petrol man and sometimes he wants to become King Ashoka, he also wants to become water police ( fire-fighter)

When we go to restaurants or family functions. He tells I will eat everything and takes them on his plate but eats everything only half. He likes to eat only fryums and roti with sugar.

He goes into a dream world when he comes back from school. He talks a lot and writes a lot.

He wastes my glitter pens and uses them as if they are pencils.

I and my brother like to watch TV. At least I tell sometimes it is enough, no more TV but he always tells – “mute the sound and scream two minutes Baaba”. His favorite channel is Yo-kai watch and tells that ‘He is the hero because he has a watch’

We play hide and seek and when it is his turn to find me. He beats me and then says sorry.

He likes to play chess but does not know how to play. Even when I say ‘Check’. He tells it is okay if my king is gone. I will still fight with Camel, Horse or soldiers.

When we play cricket or catch-in-catch. He tells me to throw the ball high and when I throw it high, he says throw it low and again fights with me.  Sometimes, when he does not catch the ball or when it suddenly hits him. He throws the ball at me with great force.

I never like to give my things to him because, he breaks my toys and uses my color pencils, glitter, gum and all stationary items. When I get some toys for Christmas, after Christmas, he takes it away from me and tells that all the toys that I got are his. But if anyone touches his things, he gets angry and cries because he tells all are my things.

If sometimes I use his things,  he gets angry. He cries when anyone uses his bottle or glass or towel or bedsheet or pillow. He creates stories and cries and even beats me. When we are going to Bapatla, he cries for Baaba and when we are coming from Bapatla, he cries for Tattayya and not for anyone else. He does not remember any other person while he is crying.





One day I saw rabbits in a cage and they were nice to look at. The first time I saw them I liked them very much. From that time I had an impression to have pet rabbits

Today I have two rabbits in my mother’s hometown. my grandfather and my grandmother had bought them for me there are two rabbits (one in white colour we call it bunnu and other one is in brown  in colour we call it chinnu.)   I used to love rabbits since the time I saw them but now I think I will enjoy my time with my dear chinnu and bunnu. ( not me and my brother)

The pics of my little rabbits




Trapped Bear

Good Morning!

I’m Anshul and I want to express regarding cruelty towards Animals. Here, is a story about a bear who happened to be in a village when he forgot the way to the forest.

The people of the village treated him very badly. They threw stones on him and some people beat him with sticks.

The poor animal was running for his life. On the way, he found a dried well. There also he was troubled by the villagers.

Then a girl called Mira came to help the bear. She made the villagers understand what they were doing with the bear.

The villagers felt ashamed of their act and finally,  with a help of a ladder, the bear was brought out.

He was let free in the forest.

This was the project lesson of Trapped Bear presented by me and my friend (Ismail) during the Project -Fest in Gowtham Model School.

Peacock Craft – Summer Camp – 2015

Peacocks have colourful feathers. They cannot fly or swim fast but they can dance in the rain.
They dance very nicely and their feathers are beautiful like the royal king’s palace. They are not wild birds and they do not harm anyone.

In my summer craft class, I made a peacock with clay.
1) We make the body in the shape of an oval ball.
2) We should make a straight line with clay and use it for the neck.
3) Stick the neck to the oval body
4) We have to make another small ball as its head and stick this small ball to the neck.
5) We take clay and spread it over the hand and make tiny balls and press them on the clay
6) Then, we make the feather round and then take some water and use a thin stick to connect the body and feathers
7) We make design with a toothpick
8) We also make legs using clay and stick it to the body


Big Draw Workshop at British Library

At library, on one paper, they put three different colors and we had to take a straw and blow the colors into a shape. After that, we have to draw anything.

I drew a rocket, clouds, sun, rain, road, cars, people, dirty water (because of rain)  and two houses and on the door of the houses there are two small valleys and a pond.

After that, we have tell about our drawing. I told Sir that it is – one side, rain and another side Sun and rocket is going to the sky.

Rocket over clouds, sky and rain
Rocket over clouds, sky and rain

IMG_20141018_202011 Pic5

Power Rangers

Power Rangers are powerful, mega force. and they can do any thing to fight with their enemies till their powers are there.

Their suits colors are blue,red,silver,black,pink,yellow.

The blue power ranger is called as shark
The red power ranger is called as dragon
The silver power ranger is called as silver
The pink power ranger is called as eagle
The yellow power ranger is called as Cheetah
The black power ranger is called as snake.

When their enemies come to fight with them. Then can make swords by their own machines. When any big robot comes, they make with their suits a big robot too. When a dragon comes they also make by them a dragon with their machine or suites.

They can fly in the air and they can fight with their enemies. They are too strong to fight with any lion or tiger. Their enemies come one by one to attack, Power rangers can go underground with their powerful shoes. The power rangers are all best friends.They have super bikes that it can go so far and fast.

Power Rangers can climb with their hands and legs. They keep on their hands gloves that can help them to climb trees and they wear electric shoes which can stand on the branches.

If they want to call  a dragon they tell power rangers mega force.They have phones which can make their suits as faster. Power rangers can walk on fire with their wind shoes.

Super Heros